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  words from the heart ...

by Harriet Clifford

Two Little Seconds



My glittery pinked nail polished toes poise themselves upon seasoned deck wood. They directly beneath railing’s edge along with their tanned forearm counterparts. My iris's focus on endless dancing waves converging into horizon's luminescence. Sparkles dance atop the ocean's surface. The day is only but beginning. Soft tickles caress my neck and bare shoulders even though my fine soft blonde waves are tied back with a pink ruffled tie. 

Fishy salt breezes fill my nostrils. I hear my own breath, its rhythm steady and slow.  A gentle pound inside my rib cage sends pulses throughout my capable veins. The feel of a wealthier year beckons my hunch. 

But the low thud in my gut jilts back the memory like a heavy book smacking a floor. This pain is sharp and fresh as if the cut only just happened. The cry of my heart moans into this engulfing silence. It wishes to see him again--for just two little seconds ... 


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