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by Harriet Clifford

Sanborn, NY Corn Fields

  Corn fields in cold country. Why not? I looked at these every spring and summer and never once thought of the beauty or magnitude of natures accomplishment. All I ever thought of were the cars speeding down 31, also known as Saunders Settlement road. And once the college went in up the street, well traffic became even worse.

Natures grace should never be taken for granted. The excuse I think of is youth and lessons not yet learned. But now the house that allowed me to see this span of miles and miles of rolling corn is no longer owned by my family. So this breath taking span of nature working my eyes, they will no longer feast upon.

Should you find yourself heading to upstate New York. Don't think of cold or dreary winters or skimpy summers with but a scant six weeks of high eighties. Think of all the views you may not see else where.

Sanborn, New York is a mere twenty minutes from the Canadian border. So don't hesitate to explore and drive those rural roads with views most likely not seen anywhere else.